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Windrotor Bolotov

         We are members of a russian company "Enecsis Windrotor" who generated "Windrotor Bolotov" and we present this product.

About "Windrotor Bolotov"

         What distinctive feature of such wind turbines? These vertical wind turbines are able to accommodate wind from any direction without the complexity of wind flow, any adjustment operations and equipment. This allows you to ignore the operation of the station "compass rose" and other options, but only wind energy potential.
In the construction of wind farms laid the latest research and experimental development to achieve high efficiency allowed the use of wind kinetic energy, reliable operation and low cost of electricity generated.

         Wind turbine rotor is a brand new car convert wind energy into electricity. Basis of the design of the centrifugal turbine with guide vanes, which contains one or more of the same type of modules "guiding device - Rotor", collectively the shaft, and located at the lower end of the shaft a special generator.

         Wind turbine rotor «Windrotor Bolotov» effective in remote areas of power systems, with the changing wind currents: the islands, coastal areas, desert and steppe zones, some plain, mountain passes, gorges.